What’s the Difference Between Local and Branded Tiles?

Difference Between Local and Branded Tiles

Using tiles is an essential component in the interior design process. They provide the walls and floors of a house or workplace with an attractive appearance that their installation may enhance. Tiles may be broken down into two categories: branded tiles and local tiles. Large manufacturing companies are responsible for producing branded tiles, which are then marketed and sold under a particular brand name. Small enterprises in the area make the tiles sold locally, and these tiles are not affiliated with any one brand. In this article, we will examine the distinctions between locally produced and branded tiles and decide whether or not the two types of tiles are equivalent.

Tiles with a Name Brand:

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Large manufacturing companies produce branded tiles, which are then marketed and sold under a particular brand name. These tiles are manufactured utilising cutting-edge technology, resulting in their being long-lasting, scratch- and stain-proof, and simple to clean. Because the producers of branded tiles put a significant amount of resources into research and development, these manufacturers can make one-of-a-kind tiles come in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Wall and floor tiles from reputable manufacturers have a continuous high quality, and they often come with a guarantee; this helps to ensure that the consumer receives the highest possible level of service and satisfaction. Tiles with recognisable brands may be purchased at various prices, ranging from inexpensive to pricey, depending on the tile’s quality and style.

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Local Tiles:

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Small enterprises in the area make the tiles sold locally, and these tiles are not affiliated with any one brand. The creation of these tiles is far less mechanised than branded tiles because they are handcrafted. Because they are manufactured using less sophisticated technology and produced in smaller numbers, locally produced tiles are often sold at a lower price point than branded tiles.

The degree of expertise of the craftsman who manufactured the tiles may significantly impact the quality of the finished product. Tiles made locally often include faults, which contribute to their aged and natural appearance. Unlike branded tiles, they may not have the same durability or resistance to scratches or stains, but they may still be just as attractive and distinctive.

Comparing Local Tiles to Branded Tiles:

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The method of manufacture is the primary point of differentiation between branded tiles and tiles purchased locally. Tiles sold locally are often crafted by hand, unlike branded tiles manufactured using sophisticated machinery. While the quality of locally created tiles might vary, branded tiles are made with precision, and the quality is uniform across every tile.

Customers have more alternatives when purchasing branded tiles since these tiles come in a greater variety of styles and colours than those sold locally. Tiles sold under a recognised brand often come with a guarantee, which helps to ensure that the consumer receives a good product. On the other hand, local tiles are often less expensive than branded tiles and have a rustic and natural aesthetic that branded tiles cannot recreate. Branded tiles also tend to have a more uniform appearance.

The availability of branded tiles and the availability of native tiles is another distinction between the two. Local tiles are often offered at artisanal markets or small shops, whereas branded tiles are more likely to be found in larger retail establishments. Tiles with a well-known brand are easy to obtain, but finding locally-made tiles takes longer.


To summarise, branded tiles and local tiles are not interchangeable. Significant manufacturers create tiles sold under a brand name in various styles and colours. They are also more consistent and durable and come with a guarantee. Tiles from the area are often produced by hand, appear more rustic and natural, and cost less than branded tiles.

Both locally produced and branded tiles come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Those looking for a particular design or colour in their tiles and are ready to spend extra for higher quality and consistency may consider purchasing branded tiles. People who seek a one-of-a-kind and natural aesthetic but are prepared to compromise some durability and consistency for the budget are the perfect candidates for local tiles.

Ultimately, the decision between branded and local tiles comes down to personal taste, financial constraints, and the tiles’ function. Both branded and local tiles can enhance a residential or commercial space’s aesthetic appeal and financial worth.