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A Shopper’s Guide to Choosing The Perfect Tiles for Every Rooms

perfect tiles for rooms

It’s sometimes obvious how to get started or what factors should be prioritised when picking the ideal tiles for your home’s interior.

Choosing between tiles for a room out there might be difficult since, as the old saying goes, “Once the options increase, settling on one becomes harder.” There are so many beautiful options it may be challenging to decide on a tile for your home’s interior.

We’ll review several important considerations in this piece to help you choose the perfect tiles for a room. The following are some excellent suggestions that can facilitate your work:

Important Considerations to Choose Perfect Tiles For Rooms:

#1 – Choose Trustworthy Tile Manufacturer:

You may need to give more thought to the quality of the tiles you buy, but there is a vast gap between those from a reputable brand and those from a local company. While the local brand’s tiles may be flimsy and eventually fracture, the reputable brand’s tiles are sturdy and unlikely to break. Tiles from well-known manufacturers are also more likely to be replaced if they turn out to be damaged.

#2 – Specifics to Keep in Mind for Tiles:

Bathroom wall tiles online

  • Tiles for Room: Tiles need different technical considerations, like porosity, water resistance, stain resistance, tile thickness, etc. Therefore, keeping these details in mind while you shop is essential. Let’s have a look at tile requirements for various rooms:
  • Living Room Tiles: Tiles that are less porous, denser, and can endure intense usage, such as porcelain tiles, are ideal for the living room due to the high foot traffic. Wood-look floor tiles are also an option since they are resistant to moisture and stains and will be a popular tile choice in 2023.
  • Tiles for Bathroom: We recommend the Anti-skid tiles for the bathroom floor since they are nonslip, look great and are safe for the whole family to use. If the tile is likely slippery when wet, you should avoid it.
  • Kitchen Floor Tiles: The tiles you choose for the kitchen floor should be firm, nonslip, and resistant to moisture and frequent food spills.

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#3 – Make Sure You Get The Proper Fit and Sheen:

The dimensions and surface treatment of the tiles are the following critical factors to consider. Floors may seem more spacious if the correct tile sizes are used. Choose a tile size of 100x100cm or 80x80cm if your space is very ample. Medium-sized tiles, such as 60x60cm or 45x45cm, are a good choice for a small room. Home floors are ideally tiled with matte tiles since they are less slippery, whereas walls should be tiled with glossy tiles.

#4 – Pattern and Colour:

Types of tile patterns

An additional few moments to think about the tile’s color and pattern can help pull the room together—the most crucial inquiry to make before purchasing tiles is how to pick floor tile shade. Tiles of the incorrect shade may make a room seem smaller, while those of the appropriate hue might make it feel larger. If you’re going for a minimalist design, go with marble- or concrete-looking tiles; if you want to give the space a more contemporary feel, use mosaic or textured tiles.

#5 – Fix The Grout:

ultracolor grout

The first and most important thing to remember about grout is its significant role in the tiled area’s final appearance. Choose contrasting grout if you want your tiles’ lines, style, and form to stand out, and complementing grout if you want a more understated appearance.

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#6 – Estimate The Total Tiles:

After settling on the ideal tiles for your house, the next step is to determine how many should be purchased. If you need to make a few cuts or discover that you need more tiles, stock up on 10-15 extra of each.


Please don’t wait until the last minute to purchase tiles since it might end in tragedy. If the tiles are flawed or the incorrect item was ordered, you may exchange them or get a refund if you contact the company beforehand.  You may pick the best tiles for your house by following these instructions, or you can come into our showroom, and our specialists can assist you in choosing the finest tiles for your home. 

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